Dr. Leiloglou loves on my kids (2, 8 & 9yr old) like he would his own!  I’ve brought them in with high fevers, contagious RSV or a flu and he still loves on my kids!  He knows how to give  hope (“Lord willing” or “I will pray”) when I am in the middle of a 5 day high tempt virus – when Tylenol or Motrin won’t break a temp!

~Mom to 3 Wonder Kids

Our experience with Dr. Leiloglou has been excellent from the beginning. We knew right away he has a love for children as well as a very calming presence for them. Our children  feel so comfortable going to see him, they think it’s fun! We would not ever consider going elsewhere…he is the best!

~Mom to 4 Wonder Kids

When our oldest daughter was about 18 months old, she would scream and cry every time we entered the doctor’s office (and had since she was a newborn). We were being rushed through visits and never knew which doctor we would see. It was then I realized I had to do something. I asked some friends if they knew of a good pediatrician and Dr. Leiloglou was highly recommended. It was important for me to have someone I fully trust, as well as someone who truly listens to my concerns, and who is kind and patient with children. I decided to give him a shot. From the very first visit with him, there were no more tears. Our daughter was no longer scared to go to the doctor, and I could tell he had everything I was looking for in a pediatrician! We were so relieved! That was 9 years ago and we have been going to Dr. Leiloglou ever since! We now have 5 children and all of them love their doctor! He never tries to hurry us along, but always takes time to make sure he has fully addressed any concerns we might have (without making me feel foolish for asking). He truly is amazing with children. You can tell he was made to be a pediatrician. It is evident that he cares about his patients, and their families.

I have no reservations recommending him to everyone I know. I have recommended him countless times and everyone has had nothing but good things to say about him. We are so thankful to have such an amazing doctor for our children!

~Mom to 6 Wonder Kids


5 Star Reviews on Facebook

Dr Leiloglou has been all 3 of my children’s pediatrician since they were born.  He is a kind, caring, supportive physician with the heart of a teacher.  He has guided me through the world of parenting from the beginning, and his common sense approach to parenting, has been an essential part of my team of advisors.

No question I have had, and there have been a lot, has ever been too silly to ask.  With my first child, I had to learn that parenting is tough and at times scary, especially when they are sick.  Dr Leiloglou’s calming demeanor, has always reigned in the scared parent in me, and made feel like all was going to be ok.

I cannot say enough good things about him and we are so thankful that he is our children’s doctor.  He truly loves children and I feel he truly loves his role in making a sick child feel better.

~Mom to 3 Wonder Kids

Dr Leiloglou is awesome!  I equate him to the doctors from the old black and white movies we used to watch as kids.  When it was about a personal connection rather than just being a number or the next appointment in the day.  He is warm and kind and we know he wants what is best for our entire family not just our kids.  I have met very few people, let alone anyone in the medical industry that has had such a genuine interest in how we are doing.  Dr Leiloglou has gone out of his way for our family on so many occasions I have lost count.  We trust him which is a rare thing in this day.  There are not enough stars to give him the rating he deserves in our opinion.  A true gem.  Thank you so very much to you and your family who I know has sacrificed to help so many families in San Antonio.

~Mom to 5 Wonder Kids