Frequently Asked Questions



If you cannot find your question below, please contact our office. We would be happy to help you!

Are you taking new patients?

In order to better serve our existing patients, Dr. Leiloglou and Dr. Owen Dr. Leiloglou are currently closed to new patients. 

What insurances do you accept?

Our office is able to accept most plans on Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United, and Cigna.

While we are in network for most plans from these insurance providers, we are not on all of their plans. For example, Dr. Owen is not in network with Cigna’s Local Plus plan.

It is always your responsibility to confirm with your insurance provider that Dr. Leiloglou, Dr. Owen, and/or Wonder Kids Pediatrics is on your individual plan (many insurance providers do not keep their web listing up to date). If you fail to confirm this and we are not covered by your plan, we will have no choice but to bill you for outstanding charges your insurance refuses to pay for.

We do not accept CHIP, Medicaid, or Tricare.

Update 4/2019: We are pleased to announce that we are back in network with Oscar.

What is your immunization policy?

Since the answer to this question is a lengthy one, we have dedicated a whole page on our site to it. Click here to read our policy.

Does Dr. Leiloglou have hospital privileges?
Dr. Leiloglou prefers to have the hospitalist see his patients in the hospital (this includes new babies, circumcisions, and children admitted to the hospital). Dr. Leiloglou feels that this provides the best care to his patients for the following reasons.

1) His patients are seen more promptly by the hospitalist rather than having to wait for Dr. Leiloglou’s off hours.

2) The hospitalist is a pediatrician who specializes in hospital cases rather than out patient care.

The hospitalist will always refer you back to Dr. Leiloglou for outpatient followups. The hospital already knows which hospitalist is to see all of Dr. Leiloglou’s patients.